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We will begin the next phase of the indoor air sampling program, which will be completed over the next 12 months. Residents within our study area will be receiving phone calls to schedule the indoor air sampling at a date and time that suits them.

Dresser Pineville Near Neighbor Update 

Dresser Pineville Project

Dresser, LLC manufactured and repaired pressure relief valves from 1961 to 2016 at its facility in Pineville, Louisiana. The facility has been vacant for several years, and there is currently no operational equipment or chemical storage at the site.

The facility formerly used chlorinated solvents, including trichloroethene (TCE), in its manufacturing operations. It has been determined that chlorinated solvents are present in soils at the facility and have been found in some locations in the shallow groundwater at 14 to 55 feet below the ground surface in connection with historical operations.

An environmental assessment, monitoring, and remediation program is currently underway at the site. 

Dresser Map 16 Apr 2020-01.png

Aerial view of Dresser, LLC facility and surrounding areas.

Click the image for an expanded view. (Download here.)


What You Should Know

What You Should Know
Faucet 3.png

The community's public drinking water is not affected.

Environmental activities were initiated voluntarily and proactively and are continuing.


Soil gas concentrations and ambient air quality are being monitored.


We are committed to compliance with state and federal requirements in the ongoing protection of and communication with the community.



Number of groundwater monitoring wells installed

to evaluate the 

presence of TCE.


Number of soil vapor monitoring points installed to identify

where indoor air sampling may be indicated.


Number of homes/commercial properties adjacent to the Dresser facility where indoor air has

been sampled.

*Reported as of October 28, 2022.



Dresser Pineville Information Line

Some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the project can be found here. For further information, the Pineville Information Line is available seven days a week, with a team dedicated to a response within 48 hours.  Your feedback is important to us.

Value Assurance Program (VAP) 

The Value Assurance Program (VAP) is designed to protect the value of eligible properties located near Dresser’s former Pineville site – whether you want to sell your property or want to remain in your home. The program pays benefits to eligible property owners if you sell your property for less than market value; if you are not interested in selling, the VAP works to maintain the value of your property and those around you.  Learn more at

All questions/comments related to the program should be addressed through established communications channels to ensure appropriate tracking and follow up:

Dresser Phone Green-01.png

(toll-free voicemail line)

Dresser email green.png

Agencies providing direction and/or oversight on the Dresser Pineville Project:

Carey Dicharry, Geologist

Louisiana Department of

Environmental Quality (LDEQ)

Dresser Phone Green-01.png

Louisiana Department of Health

Section of Environmental Epidemiology & Toxicology (SEET)

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